We Are Seam. The Power of In-house, Outsourced.

Are you competing with your competitors for ever diminishing talent?

Welcome to the talent scarcity dilemma!

What makes in-house such a powerful tool?

Advantages of in-house recruitment.

  • Complete control of suppliers & increased buying power – economies of scale.
  • Reporting function – spend, trends, issues, forecasting.
  • Increased credibility resulting in hugely increased candidate engagement levels.
  • Large increase in passive candidate and unique candidate applications.
  • In-depth knowledge of company culture, value, ethos and expectations.
  • Engaged candidates not sent to competitors.
  • Positive brand message and improved candidate experience.
  • Higher interview to offer rate.
  • Increased offer acceptance levels.
  • Brand promotion throughout the sector.

Disadvantages of traditional in-house recruitment.

  • Locating and attracting suitably skilled recruitment staff.
  • High salary and bonus expectations of recruitment team.
  • Software, IT resources, job boards, LinkedIn licence costs.
  • Workspace implications.
  • Training, management and retention of staff from unfamiliar sector.
  • Long winded, complicated and costly start up costs.

Seam, the ultimate in-house solution at your fingertips.

We create partnerships that work for you and your business.
Providing 1-10 dedicated consultants, branded to your business.
Creating a fully scalable solution for you.

Maintain and monitor your existing agency supply chain whilst adding new, vetted, specialist suppliers:

Europe’s Leading Talent Management Software.

We offer free and unlimited access to Europe’s Leading Talent Management Software, embraced by companies such as McDonald’s, Audi, Vodafone, Intercontinental Hotels, Cielo, Volkswagen, Citroen, Peugeot and Louis Vuitton.

By adopting the latest and leading technology you can make significant gains on your competitor’s process, resulting in an increased speed of delivery whilst offering a simplified and more user friendly experience for hiring managers, suppliers and candidates alike.

This is a must for companies looking to radically reduce ‘time to hire’ whilst streamlining and simplifying the entire recruitment process.

KPI’s, compliance and MI Reports can be easily produced to create a ‘real time’ understanding of your companies past, present and future recruitment status.

Full on boarding and 247 support is provided throughout your business and your supply chain.

Supplier health check.

As part of the induction process, we review and analyse your current supply chain.

The objective is to identify key suppliers and analyse spend, rates, costs, rebate, success and compliance.

Our findings will highlight areas of success, concern and areas for improvement.

Rates review.

A key area to address is current rates offered both by PSL suppliers and “rogue” suppliers.

We will identify all Permanent Recruitment Spend and associated Charge Rates both inside and outside of process.

The figures will be presented and reported in detail. Initial savings will be made by rationalising rates across the business and engaging with rouge agencies

Additional suppliers can be added at any stage based on the acceptance on your terms..

Existing supplier engagement.

By engaging directly with the existing supply chain we can look to make both savings and service level improvements by empowering the suppliers.

We will look to increase success rates, business opportunities and feedback to the incumbent suppliers.

Figures from the 2016 SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking Report suggests an average job fill time of 42 days. By engaging and empowering suppliers, this figure can be reduced by streamlining the process increasing efficiencies.

Any agencies working outside of process can be engaged with. We are conscious they may be making a valuable contribution, but bringing them inside process will reduce costs and increase performance. Suppliers not willing to be engaged with can be removed from the supply chain with COUPA.

New suppliers not known to your business can be approached, engaged and brought into process offering an increased talent pool.

MI reporting and control.

One of the most valuable parts of the Seam Process is the ability to create detailed MI reporting, returning control back to the procurement department and the wider business. We can provide a detailed overview of all permanent recruitment spend including;

Spend by agency.

Correlate performance metrics to business performance outcomes.

12 month placement lifecycle

Trends and forecasting.

Monitor KPI’s and SLA’s and make adjustments where necessary.

Reduce complexity.

Fully branded job adverts, with a unique job description and a simple application process.

Hugely increase your application rates by removing the agency layer and gaining ‘advert credibility’.

A branded LinkedIn recruiter license for each affiliate, with LinkedIn job advertisements, relevant marketing stories and clearly defined PR messages.

A single monthly invoice for all permanent recruitment with detailed analysis.

Detailed and in-depth reporting functions – spend, engagement levels, current issues, vacancy forecast, trends and long term ‘value for money’ analysis.

Access to every CV database in the UK

Unlimited job postings on the UK’s leading job board

A bespoke mobile app promoting your business.

On-boarding support for 12 months.

Branded Presence at relevant networking events and Industry events – BIFM, PFM with sponsorship opportunities.

The world’s leading bespoke branded employment software as used by:

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